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City Crosswalk

Embrace your blind spot.

LDOT is a mobile phone application used to help blind people navigate their surroundings with ease.




LDOT was created in a classroom. Derrick Day, a blind student, was tasked with creating a business plan. He decided he would use this class project as an opportunity to fix one of his biggest challenges: navigating his surroundings. He used his self-taught knowledge of technology and artificial intelligence to create the ground breaking application. With the help of his teacher, Emily Brynes, LDOT was transformed into a viable business available to the world. 


We are currently perfecting the prototype of this application. Derrick is constantly developing and training the platform of LDOT. If you are interested in helping with the advancement of LDOT, please contact us today to participate in our pre-sale research. 


Through the use of neural networks utilizing artificial intelligence, LDOT constantly scans the environment to identify people, objects, and text. Through simply holding the phone or wearing it on your person, a blind individual's world is transformed around them. LDOT communicates through a headphone to the individual as they move.


Westminster, MD 21157


(443) 510 - 6567



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